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We connect People with Industries.

Digital Convenience Reinvented!

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Metaverse app
Metaverse app

"AUM for Human Capital
In times of epic paradigm shifts of
AI Powered Digital Transformation"

"Digital Twin based Cloud
for Manpower and Knowledge Management"

A Super-App where T&C means Talent & Capacities.

Seed Your Metamorphosis. Raise Your Human Capital.

Be a part of Knowledge Network
That is also synced with real world

Discover the future with our Talent Superapp, a platform where T & C symbolize your unique Talent & Capacities. This public digital infrastructure tailored for the new order, positions you at the forefront of the evolving knowledge-based work landscape. By design its built to enable you cultivate your personal brand and soft power. In this era of rapid digital transformations, begin with us your digital moves to unlock infinite possibilities with your talent

Personal Branding
Content Services & Real World Networks

OKR & Program Management
Softwares of Trackability & Informatics


Relationship Management
Virtual Workspaces, Stakeholder Management, Human ERP


Social Exchange
Represent yourself at authentic best. Gain Industry traction

Digital Income
Discover work, Trade work and time. Trade digital assets. Co-work, contract, or cooperate. Ever increasing spectrum of secondary income channels by trading knowledge


Digital Assets Management

Create Meaningful Digital Assets, Content. And Manage them


Flex with muscles of intelligence & informatics

A living operating system, designed to navigate the AI powered digital transformation era. Empower yourself with information management expertise to thrive in today's fast-paced world, especially in your professional endeavors. Say goodbye to information pollution and embrace impactful outcomes through seamless co-working and cooperation. Whether you're an individual or a professional, Sane Observer AI is your trusted ally to navigate and conquer the complexities of the digital landscape

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Get an advocate who will represent you in the digital world

Cut through entry barriers. Let opportunities run into you. Spread your word of mouth,  spread digital word of mouth, be ubiquitous, stay in control, be at the top of your things. Orchestrate your gigs, Bring accuracy in your gigs with all informations, touchpoints and contexts handy. Use this platform as a personal control tower. Find No Code tools, Networks, Connected Ecosystems,  Platforms, Virtual Spaces, Transaction facilitation to unlock happy co-operation.

About Us

Our Story

If there was a Helpful Bhaiya*
Who was on standby for you
Always available before you fail

Up there for you till the last moment.


If we had some Helpful Bhaiya* AI
Where *Bhaiya is the omnipresent invisible indian support bro


We dreamt this in less sleep for few years,
We spent our money, we spent others’ money.
We kept spending from anywhere we could find money**.
Irrespective of who was discouraging us or whoever mocked,
We kept on playing the R&D games. Built things, broke things.
We could see we are spending money on space science in 1960s
In an environment where we didn’t have enough to eat.

On the way, by the course, sort of figured out the intricacies involved.
We kept on building, and are still building, even as we do larger R&D.
On the way leveraging low hanging fruits on the sides, its work in progress.
We are calling it Sane Observer AI, making for the few who are enabling
commerce of Knowledge & Digital Intelligence in the Indian Eco-System


Recognised and Tax Exempted

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Happy Users

 won't say this will bring drastic changes in your life in one day, and as you use this app regularly ,you will fall in love with this and that is going to change your life.Writing this post after 2 months of using it

Abhishek Saurav,
Executive Engineer, SAIL

Hiring, specially for sales, was headache until I came to this app. It demonstrates the talent of candidates very visually and objectively, helping easy decisions. Received positive responses from candidates as well. Half your interview preparation happens just by the course of creating profile on the app. This is truly next generation. 

Rajani Kant
Manager, HDFC Ergo

If gaining industry traction is your priority, personal branding should be your No.1 priority. No platform helps you better than Sane Observer for the same

Dhruv Sachdeva
Student, VIT

This is next generation eco-system being built here. Register and soak into the idea. There is something good for everyone irrespective of profession. Best online park that you will ever see.

Shikhar Srivastav

Founder, Trilicious

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